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Who are the 'Guardians of Reason'?


Like many questions in life generally the answer is not easily summed up in a sentence or two. That said, this is a summary of some of the things the 'Guardians of Reason' website aims to be, and a few things it's not.

To begin, however, here's a brief 'mission statement' (of sorts) for those not up for a mini-lecture;

Primarily, 'Guardians of Reason' is a simple blog website dedicated primarily, but not exclusively, to promoting a rational, libertarian, viewpoint that is open to discussion and debate. As will be witnessed, many controversial topics are tackled free of the Liberal chains of political correctness, and other severely retarded 'progressive' leftist constraints regarding what everyone should think, say, and do. The discussion articles, serials, and commentary I publish here are views expressly inviting debate. They are there to be engaged with as precisely that - ideas and opinions that you may or may not agree with.

More broadly speaking, though, and if you want to know more, here is the longer explanation;

'Guardians of Reason' is meant to be something of a beacon for politically libertarian individuals that are concerned with the fight for free speech and the right of individuals to think whatsoever they want. 'Guardians' in this sense are therefore just ordinary people, maybe like yourself, vigorously opposed to a political and social climate of censor, oppression, and control. Guardians are people that reject the unsubstantiated myths of multiculturalism, the assumptions of 'diversity', and the utter horror that is cultural Marxism raging through 'academic' institutions up and down the country.

The articles, serials and commentary published on this site typically present topics with a clear political, social, cultural, or national interest in mind. They will generally reflect a classically libertarian viewpoint and tend toward the contention that individual rights are sacrosanct in all but a few special circumstances. Facts and reason are valued highly and, generally, it assumed they trump emotional pleas, feelings, and the plight of the proclaimed relevant 'victim' group.

 At present there is, and will probably continue to be, much focus on the growing threat posed by left-wing fascism, the implications of uncontrolled immigration, Islamic terrorism, and the systemic State control of free speech.

As you may have guessed, then, this is not a place for lame-brained, left-wing sensitivities. There are no 'safe spaces' for you here, no 'right to not be offended', no credence given to any claims about being the victim of 'micro-aggression' or nasty words. Your 'feelings' don't matter, they do not constitute an argument or (usually) a route to one. Great value is placed upon the right to have an opinion, to express a viewpoint, articulate an argument, no matter how unpopular or repugnant that might be to some - your feelings count for absolutely nothing. 'Guardians of Reason' in this sense refers to people everywhere committed to rational discourse. Such people are gatekeepers of truth, pursuers of knowledge, and defender of freedom - especially the freedom to express what are sometimes unpopular, confrontational, and 'offensive' views if they happen to think they are reasonable, true, and can be argued as such. The question is, then, are you such a person?

It might be asked why we should be so concerned with free speech in particular? The answer is this: Presently free speech in the West is under significant threat from left-wing extremism. Freedom of speech is fundamental to our culture, our growth as individuals, and well-being as a nation - and our enemies know it. Reasoned discourse simply will not survive, let alone flourish, in the vacuum that will be created if we allow these freedoms to be starved of air. The stakes are very high, not just for those wanting to guard reason, but for civilized nations, cultures, and peoples everywhere. This is why the enemies of reason, our enemies, target freedom of speech and expression. They do so by attempting, at every opportunity, to strangle free speech and liberty generally with political correctness, discrimination, persecution, and plain old fascism.

And, what we are not..........

This website is not about freedom to be, promote, or incite violence. Freedoms have limits. You absolutely are, or should be, allowed to hold vile, disgusting' views, and even to express them. However, you should not be surprised that, if you poke a sleeping lion with a sharp stick, a nasty consequence will very likely follow. If you use your right to free speech to incite violence against others then you should not be surprised to find a form of reciprocal violence (i.e. arrest, prosecution, jail, etc) to come your way in response. And most will agree that it is what you deserve. Actions have consequences, including speech acts, and claiming the right to free speech will not exempt you from moral responsibility or shield you from the repercussions.  

However, free speech is not, by default, hate speech and it is mostly stupid people that think it is. Even more idiotic, though, is the liberal fanatics idea that 'hate speech' is, by definition, a hate crime. This ridiculous assumption is beyond contentious, yet it appears to be holding increasing sway amongst left-wing elitists and extremists alike. Likewise, it seems beyond obvious (though clearly it's not) that people should be free to hate anyone or anything they like - they may not be nice people, you may not want to be their friends, but it is of great important that they are free to be hateful if they wish (of course if, in doing so, they incite violence, for instance, they should be prepared for certain consequences too).

For further discussion of free speech click here and/or here. It is also worth looking over sections of part three, in particular, of the article series on 'Banning the Burqa'.



Vincent P

Founder and Chief Editor

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