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Philosophy and Principles


Challenging misguided doctrine, media exploitation, and institutional falsehoods is no easy task but increasingly this is kind of thing that confronts rational people with a deep seated love of freedom and, by default, free speech. The road ahead is long and the journey will not be easy. Taking an honest, transparent, approach to many topics is becoming far more difficult now than it might, not so long ago, have be imagined. That a radical Islamist invasion of Western cultures is presently making significant progress, when at the same time extreme and far left liberal political correctness often exerts an almost vice-like grip on the public voice and free speech, is no coincidence whatsoever.

But the tide is turning.

The way forward, in the face of this march toward cultural oppression (and perhaps eventual destruction) of the West is for everyone even remotely interested in guarding free speech and rational discourse to strike back with honesty, integrity and truth. As rational people we do so by confronting and exposing, at each and every turn, and every opportunity, the rank dishonesty, lack of integrity, and perpetual untruths peddled by rampant left-wing liberal apologists for almost anything that undermines fundamental libertarian principles and values. It is the alt-left's misinformed and often bizarre take on socialist justice that identifies them as significant and true enemies of the State and its people - not, as many are led to believe, such problems as radical Islamic terrorism (or even, directly, Islamic ideology). It is, rather, extreme-left wing ideology, now a highly corrosive social disease, that causally facilitates and propagates such vile symptoms as Islamic terrorism, Pakistani Muslim rape gangs, a huge rise in gang related knife crime, and disgusting acid attacks.

Central to our philosophy, as we have outlined elsewhere, is a steadfast belief in the sanctity of free speech as a core principle of basic rights to freedom and liberty. As such freedom in general is at the heart of our nation, as it is with so many civilised nations, and we have in the past protected it fiercely and at high cost. We must continue to do so. Free speech enables reason and rational discourse which, in unison, pave the way for a society that values justice, fairness, and equality. Political correctness has shown itself to be a dark, foul, subversion of these core principles. It follows from this that if freedom of speech and expression are key to justice (equality and fairness) then we must bring to an end the insidious spread of politically correct censorship. We must rid ourselves, our communities, and our nation, once and for all, of this toxic social infection that seeks to silence and oppress dissent and protest. We must now stand firm against selective hate crime laws, used institutionally by the left-wing media and their Government puppet-masters, to curtail, subvert, and outlaw the freedom to speak out, to object, to say what is true - even where such a truth is an uncomfortable one. 

Freedom of will, freedom to reason, and freedom to speak are principle criteria upon which libertarian justice and fairness are grounded. By fighting for and protecting these fundamental rights we can continue to maintain and evolve justice and equality for our people.  Freedom to think, to speak, to reason, to object, to believe, to reject, to abstain, to agree and disagree, to preach, to argue, to express, and even to act - for the most part- as desired is a fundamental part of the very essence of British culture (though certainly not limited to ours alone). These freedoms are chiselled deep into the national psyche, and our national identity, and are a prime source of national pride and a motivation for genuine patriotism. These are the identity politics and cultural issues that matter, or should matter. Systematic subjugation of free speech and free thought castrates the rational mind without remainder, leaving a vacuum filled only with liberal 'feelings' and the pained expressions of pseudo-emotions to count for everything. In such miserable conditions British (and Western) culture, its history, ideology, identity, and patriotism will be eroded beyond recognition and,eventually, completely decimated. Be assured, this IS what our enemies wish for us, and their numbers are legion.

Our philosophy is, then, one that looks to fight for and defend, and encourage defending, these first principles of a free and open society - principle rights, for every citizen, to free speech, the right to freely express one's thoughts and opinion, and an absolute right to be free from persecution for doing so. The upshot of protecting these first principles for a just and fair society is of paramount importance. For in doing so it makes possible an environment in which true principles of rationality and reason can prosper. This environment is one in which justice, fairness, and equality for all can be achieved, where true democracy prospers, and individuals are free to follow dreams. It is also, of course, the natural enemy of ignorance, oppression, indoctrination, manipulation, and tyranny.


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