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Popular questions about editorial process, article and POV submissions, etc

How do I submit an article for publication?

You can submit your own article for review and publication by sending a draft to

What are the requirements for a submission to be accepted for review?

An article should not be more that 2000 words long (give or take) and should be written in a reasonably cogent (readable) form. It should be presented in a structured fashion with attention paid to grammar and punctation. Whilst these standards are flexible, and some editing can be provided this will not consist of extensively re-writing a very poorly (i.e. unreadable) written submission. Having said this, don't be put off as the standard is easily met and if the content is good (and we can ascertain this) we will do our best to include your work.

How do I place an advertisement or link on the site, and how much will it cost?

Initial advertisement enquires should be sent to: As yet we do not have a structured commercial advertising package and rate plan in place. We do , however, expect to provide this at a future date. In the meantime we can make ad hoc arrangements for things like banner and link placement on an individual requirement basis. 

How do I add an entry to the 'Terrorist Next Door' section?

We really do appreciate any information you can provide us on the 100's if not 1000's of known or unknown terrorist, Jihadi's and Islamist's presently residing in the UK. The public have a right to know where these people are residing - these are the people that Theresa May should be referring to as 'not conducive to the public good' instead of libertarians and patriots.

Please send your information to and include, if possible:

1) full name

2) A recent picture.

3) Prison release date (if applicable) 

4) conviction and sentence.

5) last known address or location.

Feel free to add any other information you think might be useful or relevant. Upon receipt we will process and verify the details provided and list the entry in the next scheduled update. We thank you in advance for your support and assistance. 

Website issues and technical problems, advertising, and related matters.

Where can I report problem I have with the site (e.g. can't access certain features, registration problems)?

Email any problems you experience with our website to: Please try to be brief but let us know what problems you have had, on which page, and with which feature, etc, thanks..

How do I find the different topics, items and features on your website?

This website, like very many, is menu driven and so the best place to start is by purusing the main menu at the top almost every page, including the home page. If you are looking for specific references or comments then it will probably be better to use one of the search features. There is quick search box at the top of the home page or a more advanced search page provided in the main menu.

What lies beneath and beyond the topics raised? What motivates a 'free speech' ethos? what are the overriding issues and motivations?

Can I comment on the articles published?

Yes! You can comment directly on all articles and serials at the bottom of the page. We have now replaced the community forums with a full commenting function which, we hope, will be a more natural and familiar way of engaging with the topics raised. Please be aware that a captcha anti-spam box needs to be completed by registered members when commenting - this is a pain but, unfortunately, a necessary measure due to amount spam attacks launched these days by idiots with nothing better to do. 

What is the 'rationale' behind 'Guardians of Reason'?

Much of what we consider to be core principles are covered in the 'About Us' pages found through the main menu. To summarise, however, we are very much concerned to promote and provide a platform for true free speech, freedom of expression, and (consequently) the freedom to think and to share those thoughts.

What do you mean by 'true' free speech?

Ask any liberal, not matter how far or extreme left, and very nearly all will tell you they are 'all for free speech'. They are not. And many of them don't even know they are not, they really do believe that they support free speech. The fact is, though, what they support is an almost paraoxical version of 'free speech', one that practically and conceptually contradicts itself - i.e. "you are free to say what you like just so long as it agrees with what I say, or I agree with it....etc.", or some such. True free speech, on the other hand, goes something like this, "you are free to say what you like......(period)"

The difference is not always obvious but this (above) principle of true free speech is based in an imperative, a fundamental statement of rational principle, not in a conditional (i.e. you are free on this or that condition). There is much more that can be argued on both fronts, however, and the above simply highlights the respective places from which these positions might start, not where they may finish.

What do all these different names for the liberal 'left' mean? Is there a difference?

Yes, the terms are often picking our differing factions with the broadly liberal left movement which have evolved and developed both recently and over prior decades. For a clearer understanding of these look at the appropriate entries in the glossary which we will be gradually expanding as time permits.

Is this a 'right wing extremist' website/blog?

Well, if it were it is unlikely that such an accusation would be admitted surely? Nonetheless, this is not such a site, at least in the way it is intended. The fact is this is an accusation bandied about by the now deranged liberal left and targeted, almost exclusively, at anyone slightly right of their views and ideology. There is little else to say in response to this nonesense. Rather I would point out our core princlpes, such as reason, liberty, free speech, and true justice, etc, and ask how you think these square with the implications of the 'right wing extremist' slur.

Popular queries about membership of Guardians of Reason, how to register, why register, etc.

What are the benefits of being a registered member?

Being a registered member of Guardians of Reason' is required for publication of submissions for things like our 'Points of view' and 'Articles' sections. In addition there will be exclusive information, product offers, and other goodies available through the 'Members Portal'.

Being a member also allows full use of 'live chat' and the chat rooms so that you can discuss various issues, publicly or privately, with like minded people. Moreover, members have access to additional article commenting features such as voting, editing, and deleting. Our merchandise shop (open soon) will also include special offers and discounts for registered members.

Lastly bear in mind that an important element of membership is simply being part of a growing libertarian movement working to establish sound principles of free speech against an onslaught from extremist liberal facsism.

How do I become a registered member?

Becoming a member is simplicity itself. In the members login panel (home page) just click on the 'create an account' button and follow the instructions by filling in the required fields, including, importantly, a valid email address. You will be sent a verification email shortly after registering. When you receive this click on the link within the message to verify your account, and that's it.

What do you do with the personal details collected from registered members?

Nothing. We do not sell or otherwise provide this information to any third party, commercial, or otherwise. We will refuse all and any requests for information from any government authority, representative, or official. Any compliance whatsoever will only result in accordance with lawful requirements, which we will resist by any means possible within the confines of the law.  Your (and our) privacy is of paramount importance at all times.

What security measures do you take to protect members data and privacy?

We take members privacy extremely seriously - and you can be as private or public as you want to be. All corners of our site are protected by SSL certificates (Secure Socket Layers) and the latest 256k encryption which you can confirm by checking for the little green padlock to the left of your browser address bar and the domain prefix 'https://'. In addition all login and membership details are encrypted and protected by a number of server based security monitoring and response measures.We also incorporate capatcha anti-spam for registration and the commenting system which is a bit of a pain but, unfortunately a necessary measure these days.

How much does membership cost?

Membership is entirely free, and you will not get any spam, newsletters, mail shots, or the like. You can, if you want to, donate to the running of the site and anything you can contribute would be very gratefully received. The donation portal is at the bottom of the home page.