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Political Correctness Under Fire (in progress)

      IN the wake of shock results such as 'Brexit' in the UK and the American presidential election of 'politically incorrect' outsider Donald Trump we look at the issues behind the phenomena.

Specifically, we examine the extent to which political correctness has been systematically exploited by many subversive groups as means to disarming and silencing their opponents.Typically such groups use 'PC' to subvert attention, distract politicians, supress public opinion, and promote general dissent. It is argued in response that, in fact, political incorrectness is not only a very good thing but that, at almost every turn, this is what should be promoted, cherished and applauded in and of itself. As such it is claimed here that the true evil that men do (and, yes, it is still mostly men) in this respect is often enabled, sanctioned, and fuelled by blind, unquestioning, and unjustified adherence to what is (as political correctness) one of the most corrosive and dangerous social diseases of modern times. As it stands, or at least as it has stood, political correctness has shown itself to be a very real 'weapon of mass destruction', persistently implemented by some of the most disgusting enemies of State in the UK, US, Europe, and indeed the world at large.....(TBC)