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 Article Compendium 

Recent and past articles and features chronologically presented (including previews for forthcoming topics):


The Wrath of Khan


 London Mayor Sadiq Khan has once again spoken on behalf of the British people. This time he threatens US president Donald Trump with a '"mass 'peaceful' protest" should he come to London for a state visit. Here's why this Muslim mayor is, as usual, wrong about the British view, Trump's welcome, and most of his hate-fuelled rants.



Recently there has been a steep rise in accusations of so-called 'Islamophobia' against almost anyone who criticises Islam. Yet, as with accusations of 'racism', the motive appears little beyond disrupting genuine debate and silencing any hint of criticism. It is argued here that 'Islamophobia' does not, in any meaningful sense, exist...


Enemies of Reason Image





In this article we discuss a broad social shift, fuelled by hard left extermism in particular, towards outright demonstrations of rank irrationailty and intellectually dishonest rejection of historical, scientific, and even logical facts. Are we in the West now, then, moving into an 'age of unreason'?

Sally Morgan







In discussing various aspects of 'psychic' ability and practitioners (e.g. stage mediums, spiritualists, etc) one question remains largely unanswered; Why haven't the relevant judicial authorities prosecuted these people for openly and knowingly defrauding members of the public? The following discussion looks not only at the plain absurdity of their alleged beliefs and claims but also why people pay for the services of 'psychics' and why the relevant authorities consistently fail to put a stop to this immoral abuse of human frailty and emotions...

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