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Saudi Women are now Allowed to Drive (Cars)!

THE REGRESSIVE LEFT ARE ECSTATIC, beside themselves, and triumphant, as they celebrate the 'freedom' that Saudi men have now gifted to their women. Oh what progress this is for women's rights, for the casting off of chains and shackles, so long endured by women in that barbaric part of the world. The BBC, Sky News, the Guardian, Independent, and a whole host of other rampant left-wing media propaganda machines have gone into overdrive - how gracious, how merciful, how caring are those wonderful Saudi Ayatollahs to have given mere, lowly, creatures like women the right to drive (just so long as their male master permits, otherwise they fall foul of the Sharia requirement to obey their husband, father, brother, 12 year old son, bloke in the street, etc). 

Yes, it's celebration times for all things leftie! The BBC can't get enough of this absolutely fabulous news. Except, as usual, the British Broadcasting government-Controlled propaganda machine misses, probably intentionally, all that really matters in this pathetic concession made to Saudi Muslim women. For it would surely and truly have been laudable had they made a women's voice the equal of their male counter-parts in those antiquated Sharia Courts. Or perhaps they might pass a law forbidding the stoning to death of a woman for the crime of adultery. Yet again might the Saudi princes make it so that women have divorce rights equal to that of a man (we have it on good authority that Muslim men can divorce their wife by hopping on one leg whilst saying, in Arabic of course, "one potato, two potato, three potato, four, we're no longer married so there's the f*$king door", or something like this). Then of course these wonderfully progressive Saudis could make things like honour killings or female genital mutilation a thing of the past. Might they even put an end to the ridiculous demand that women walk around in public, in 45C heat, covered head to toe in a black sheet (e.g a burqa or niqab) so as to preserve their 'modesty' and not send Muslim men everywhere into pathological rape mode because they spotted half inch of ankle flesh.

Yes, it's so wonderful to see how civilised and 'progressive' Saudi Arabia is becoming. What else might we expect from a country ruled by the 'reigion of peace' as it continues to spread it's message of love, tolerance, and goodwill around the globe? But what is perhaps most startling, most incredible, if not quite bizarre at times, is the relative silence we hear from modern 'feminists' on these real feminist issues. For their collective response to these genuine transgressions of womens rights is, as it almost always is, a deafening silence - and for a true feminist that really is just plain bizarre. What do you think?  


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