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Brexit Betrayal 02: What can you do about it?

IT'S PROBABLY POINTLESS to spell out the utter betrayal of Brexit that Theresa May is attempting to thrust upon the UK – if you’re reading this then chances are you’re already well and truly familiar with her appalling display of grovelling at the feet of her EU overlords. Moreover, we already spelt out this betrayal in an earlier Spotlight News report and predicted, accurately, what kind of Brexit the British public would be getting – yes folks you read it here first, or at least could have!

But crowing aside, if you have even a semblance of intelligence (which rules out, by default, most remain supporters) you will now be aware that, as we predicted, the Brexit traitor May is setting up a deal with the EU dictators that is about as disgusting as it can be. This ‘deal’ is nothing more than effectively remaining in the EU and under its total control, but with none of the benefits of actual membership. It is therefore a deal that is far worse than remaining. It is a deal in which we will ‘technically’ leave the EU, foregoing all and any say in how it is run, yet remain at the mercy of, and compliant with, it rules, laws, regulations, and demands.

You, the people, are about to be sold out big time. Watch closely and see the remaniacs rejoice in getting what they want, albeit through the backdoor. And talking of doors, look forward to years of open door immigration, properly called a third-world invasion, as the ‘free movement’ of people is rolled out to rest of world, no longer limited to European countries – don’t you just love this lunatic leftie view of ‘globalism’? Look forward, too, to an endless stream of EU directives and ‘laws’ being shoved down your throat – as usual. Sovereignty, whatever that was (something to do with making and following our own laws?), will remain a thing of the past with little hope of recovery under the present political system.

The political two horse race that is now established British politics (well, two and a half horses including the sideshow three-legged donkey that is the Lib-Dems) needs to go, and the sooner the better. But the question many are asking in the meantime is, what can we as individuals do now, and in the future, about the disgrace that is going to be the ‘the great Brexit Betrayal’? Well, here is one possible suggestion.
It is frustrating to think that, as an individual, you can’t do much to change things. Ironically this is what powerful traitors like our so-called Prime Minister want you to think. What they don’t want you to take on board is the bigger picture. That picture is one of a collective of at least 17.4 million individuals, along with a further estimated 2 million ex-remain supporters, that have a voice with the potential to bring this whole, rotten, political edifice tumbling down. With this in mind consider the following.

Post 29th March 2019 this government, along with a great many demented remoaners, will be hoping you resign yourself, eventually, to the Brexit ‘rose by any other name’ – i.e. the veritable remain deal that is courted as our terms for being allowed to leave the European Union cabal. Brace yourself for the forking out of 39 billion British taxpayers pounds for absolutely nothing but, hopefully (they think), you will soon enough get over this too.

Don’t (get over any of this), not for a moment.

One of the ways trade unions of old would resist an oppressive employer was to implement what they called ‘work to rule’ amongst the membership. This meant that employees would do just what their contractual obligations required and nothing more. No overtime, no extra duties, no helping out beyond what their job description determined. Those determined to get rid of the European Union must do something similar. What does this mean in real terms? It means this. You, I, everyone in the UK will continue to be confronted with, and expected to comply with, a mountain of EU directives, rules, and laws, even though we are supposed to have left the European Union. The reasons you must comply will be myriad, and they will be thrown at you like Exocet missiles at the slightest hint of resistance – nonetheless, resist, and resist strongly where possible, you must.

Challenge, at every opportunity, in every instance, the validity, legitimacy, and ethics of any EU directives or laws you are confronted with. Moreover, do not just challenge and move on but persist, at every level, continuously, and tenaciously, as and whenever the circumstances permit. Of course, the point may well come, depending of the rule in question, when you will have to comply. The suggestion here is not that you break any laws but that you exercise, at every single chance, your right to clarification, explanation, and justification.

In this way you are not flatly refusing to comply with a specific law but simply challenging its legitimacy. What you request, for example, is the relevant legislation and, perhaps, explanation as to why, having supposedly departed the European Union, you are required, under British law, to comply with a European directive.

This might appear tame, of little consequence, and ultimately ineffective – it is not. It is not because if enough people do this, as with the ‘work to rule’ practices implemented by the old trade unions, huge institutions can grind to a halt. This is why you must, absolutely must, encourage everyone and anyone to follow suit whenever possible. If only a few challenge EU legitimacy then nothing will be affected, but thousands, or even millions? Appealing to the government through lawful protest might seem a good idea, perhaps it is, but history suggests that little typically results from street protests - the government of the day usually taking a back seat, waiting out the drama. They know that the public are often short on memory and this week’s ‘crisis’ will be next week’s ‘old news’ – indeed they bank on it.

Challenging EU legitimacy post Brexit, in the fashion suggested above, will not always be easy, it won’t be like marching down a street with a placard chanting the mantra of the day. This is not a one-day event but a continual process for each and every one of use each and every day. In this way the democratic majority can lawfully take the fight forward and bring it to their doorstep. For post Brexit, when the betrayal is complete, EU legitimacy should be vigorously confronted at every occasion it presents – in the work place, in the street, in clubs and pubs, in public institutions, educational institutions, government offices, judicial courts, and even supermarkets.

But why talk about this now, before anything Brexit is settled for certain? The fight will not be over on 29th March 2019, it will have just begun. If what many think will come to pass (betrayal) does come to pass then people need to start thinking now about what they will do then.



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You are right of course, people do get 'deflated' and the Government depend on it. It is a point here that we do not allow these morons to grind us down like this, that we continue to challenge them - as far into the future as is needed. To win, and win we will, we need to play the long game.
An interesting, thought-provoking read. Very good points with regards to how government works by pretty much-ignoring protests in the hope it goes away (which it very often does). So long as the Brexit spirit lives on there is always hope, one slight concern, however, is that the Betrayal runs the risk of 'deflating' peoples faith in democracy while bolstering the feeling of ineffectiveness, two outcomes that our traitorous prime minister likely seeks.

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