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Shakil Tereena

Isis Member, Terrorism Promoter

(Birmingham & Burton-on-Trent)


In October 2014 Tereena Shakil, 24, travelled to Syria with her 14 month old son to join Isis. Upon discovering that they were in fact just a bunch of murdering, misogynistic, scumbags she turned tail and quickly scurried back to Heathrow, London, where she was arrested. 

Apart from joining a proscribed terrorist organisation and promoting terrorist acts on social media Shakil had also attempted to use her son as an Isis promotional poster child (complete with AK47). Sentenced on 1st Feb 2016 at Birmingham Crown Court to a total of six years Shakil may be set free on licence as early as 1st Feb 2019. Although (ironically) she worked as a health care worker in Birmingham she apparently has roots in Burton-on-Trent.