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Is there a 'problem' with Muslims? (forthcoming)

Well, let's begin here:  "a beautiful young man"..... This is how, on 26th February 2015, Asim Qureshi, a 'director of research' for the terrorist advocacy group CAGE, described wanted terrorist 'Jihadi John'.

In reality Jihadi John (real name, Mohammed Emwazi) was a low life slither of Islamic Scum (IS) that revelled in making videos of himself hideously butchering innocence and defenceless people in the name of the Islamic faith.


In this series the spotlight will be placed on the growing and pernicious expansion of Islamic doctrine in the UK. In particular it will be asked why the rising tide of Islamic racism against white Britain's (Christian and otherwise) has been allowed to flourish in the UK (and other parts of western civilisation) almost entirely unchecked. It will also examine reasons why organisations such as the advocacy (?) group CAGE, that are quite clearly supporters of extreme Islamic doctrine aimed at terrorising and killing non-Muslims, remain well-funded and, typically, allowed to go about their vile, disgusting, business.

Note: this is a proposed series of articles with a common thread - the growing prominence of Islam and its place within Western culture and countries. As such it's open to revision and suggestions so if you would like to see something in particular discussed here then do get in touch with our editorial (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and let us know.........(TBA*)

Proposed Topics:

1) Is there a ‘Muslim’ Problem?

2) Should even a ‘modernised’ Islamic faith should be rejected?

3) Is Islam a death cult rather than a ‘religion of peace’?

4) What is the way forward?

 * To be announced - the above is an advertisment for a forthcoming series only.

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